Linux recognizes my Amiga's XXX board, but it doesn't work

Linux/m68k can detect the Amiga's AutoConfig devices. That it is able to detect and correctly classify these devices does not mean that the kernel has an actual driver for that device. The list of supported hardware given earlier should be exhaustive, i.e. anything that is not listed is not supported. Note: turbo boards that appear as AutoConfig devices are almost always supported (except for the SCSI controller, if they house one).

If an AutoConfig device isn't properly detected, contact Geert Uytterhoeven <> for details on how to make sure it will be properly detected in future kernels. Note that some hardware may be identified differently than its packaging (for example, the GVP A4008 SCSI controller shows up as a GVP Series II, and the Phase5 CyberstormPPC is identified as a Cyberstorm Mk III).

Note that kernels after about 2.1.105 require the use of a separate "zorroutils" package to get human-readable information about your Zorro devices. This package should be available at Erlangen already, and is available as a Debian package in the unstable ("potato") distribution. It is also available in the Linux/m68k CVS repository.