Amiga: In order to run amiboot (i.e. to boot Linux) you need AmigaOS 2.0 or higher (expansion.library V36 or later). amiboot works with SetPatch and RsrvMem (part of Emplant) running. Additionally, you can start amiboot with VMM running (see the section called Amiboot dies when I start it with VMM running in Chapter 8 for how to do this). On a 68060, you will probably need the 68060 libraries that came with your CPU card installed as well. Amiga LILO may have different requirements; consult its documentation.

Macintosh: A minimal copy of System 6.0.X, System 7.X or Mac OS 8.X is required to boot the Mac. After the Mac boots, the Penguin application is run to load Linux/m68k and boot it.

Atari: You need some version of TOS available to boot the system.