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Linux/m68k Mirrors

For your convenience, we have established several sites (called "mirrors" in Internet jargon) around the world where you can read the Linux/m68k Home Pages and the FAQ. Please choose the one that is "net-topologically" closest to you (which is usually the one closest to you geographically, but this can vary; try mtr if you really want to experiment with this). Sites marked as daily mirrors may lag behind up to 24 hours; other sites receive automatic updates within minutes (courtesy of rsync) when pages are changed.

The FAQ alone is mirrored at:

As always, are looking for people willing to host additional national mirror sites, particularly in North America, Asia and Australia; we'd prefer locations we can run a virtual server on (like, for example). Please contact Chris for details.

Chris Lawrence <> (06 Sep 1999 at 00:46 CDT)