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The Linux/m68k Home Pages

Now with over 2100 confirmed users, and we're still counting! If you're using Linux/m68k and haven't filled out the registration form, do it now and show the commercial Linux developers that Linux/m68k is worth their support!

What is Linux/m68k?

Linux/m68k is the port of the Linux operating system to run on systems using Motorola's 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060 microprocessors. Linux/m68k, like other Linux ports, is source compatible with Linux on other platforms. Current releases of the m68k kernel are stable on the Amiga, Atari, many Apple Macintosh models, and several VMEbus single-board computers from BVM, Motorola and Tadpole. In addition, ports are underway (with varying levels of progress) to the HP 9000/300 series, the NeXT workstation (black hardware), the Q40 and Q60, and Sun 3 series workstations.

What's Here

  1. News -- Current releases of the Linux/m68k kernel, usage statistics, and What's New at this site.
  2. Information -- Links to the FAQ, the 2.0 announcement and various other FAQs and HOWTOs for Linux.
  3. Distributions -- Information about the various Linux/m68k distributions available, including installation guides.
  4. Elsewhere on the Web -- Other pages about Linux and the computers that can run Linux.
  5. Other Cool Sites -- Pages about various programs that run under Linux, and other neat links.
  6. Getting Linux -- FTP Sites that have Linux/m68k-related materials. CD-ROMs are covered in the FAQ and on the Distributions page.
  7. Mailing Lists -- Mailing lists for Linux/m68k, and links to archives of them.
  8. Newsgroups -- The Linux and Unix-on-m68k newsgroups.
  9. Books -- Recommendations of books about Linux (and related topics).
  10. Mirror Sites -- For faster access, choose the mirror closest to you.
  11. Copyright -- These pages are copyrighted; please read this page if you plan to copy these pages for any purpose.

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