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Linux/m68k registration

If you are running Linux/m68k and you want to become a registered user, or if you want to update your data, please fill in this form, and select `Register'.

Basic information

The following information is mandatory for registration: This information will be used e.g. for statistics, like
The mean Linux/m68k user lives in United States of America, has a MC68037.7 running at
36.12 MHz, equipped with 25.7 MB RAM and 2149.59 MB diskspace. :-)

Other information

The following information is welcome too, but not necessary for registration:

Check this box if you registered before and want your data to be updated.
Check this box if the above information may not be published on the Linux/m68k registration pages.

Thank you for your registration!

If you have any problem with this form, or if you think there's something missing, please let me know by sending an E-mail to robert@plukwa.net.
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