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New: Linux/m68k 2.0 announcement!

Linux/m68k - The choice of a GNU generation...

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Linux/m68k is the port of the popular Linux Operating System to the Motorola m68k processor family.


Currently Linux/m68k runs on the following machines: and on some custom systems. For more information, read the Linux/m68k FAQ and the Linux/m68k Installation Guide.

Other possible targets are:

Anyone who sees some good reasons for not porting/running Linux/m68k to/on these machines? :-)

Linux/m68k registration site


The main goal of this registration site is to get an impression of the popularity of Linux/m68k, cfr. the Linux counter of Harald Tveit Alvestrand.

Other goodies are:

Linux/m68k usage


Yes, I'm using Linux/m68k and I want to register!

Linux/m68k on the World Wide Web

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FTP sites

General Linux pages

Surfing, surfing, ...

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